The first month of the year is quickly ending and it’s crazy to think how fast this year is already flying by! Before the days wiz past you, make sure to take the time to teach lasting and efficient habits in easy to remember ways. Nowadays, kids learn in small spurts of information like videos and pictures that keep them entertained enough to express a valid idea. Videos like the one here, help add a visual element to learning.

Brushing and flossing aren’t just passive habits, but ones you’ll need for the rest of your life once you learn the proper way and it’s all just one piece of the hygienic puzzle.  The rest of this healthy puzzle comes from the knowledge of germs and cleanliness.

The Facts

“Germs are found all over the world, in all kinds of places. The four major types of germs are: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. They can invade plants, animals, and people, and sometimes they make us sick.”- KidsHealth

Children are naturally curious and want to touch everything in sight- the trick is to teach them about the importance of washing your hands after a long day of school, the bathroom and anytime they touch something they know to be dirty or “yucky”.

The average American child has up to 10 colds a year and children’s colds cause more doctor visits and missed school days than any other illness- All of which begin with teaching smart strategies at home.

wash hands clean germs away

Take the time to show your child how to see beyond the everyday curiosities and ask more questions about the world around them. The world may not be 100% safe, but when informed, a child can live amongst its dangers in a more safe way.

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