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Did You Know?

We’re used to treating our teeth like we clean pans in the sink: scrub hard to remove dirt and grim, right? Wrong. Turns out that buying a hard bristled toothbrush over a softer bristle is not as efficient in cleaning your teeth and gums as you’d think. In fact, a harder toothbrush can damage your teeth.

Generally there are three kinds of brushes: Soft, Medium and Hard Bristles. The difference between them is really in how they are used; your brushing habits and the effectiveness in what you do determines the pros and cons of bristle type. The public often falls under the impression that a harder brush offers a deeper clean, when in reality toothpaste alone is already incredibly abrasive.

“Most dental professionals agree that a soft-bristled brush is best for removing plaque and debris from your teeth and along the gum line.”  – Colgate

Most people brush their teeth incorrectly as it is, when adding a hard brush to the equation you become more susceptible to eroding the enamel and the possible exposure of tooth root.

“When gums recede the softer, more vulnerable root of the tooth is exposed. The root is not armed with enamel and the recession of the gums will cause sensitivity and aid in decay.” –DesertRidgeDental

The more you know, the healthier you are!

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