Let’s “Take 5”!

Happy “Tooth-Day”!

Farah Flossit here‚Ķ I hope you are having a blessed day. ūüôā

Today, I’d like to “take 5” to give you 5 benefits for good oral health that go beyond having a beautiful smile.

If your child has healthy teeth, they are less likely to:

  1. Suffer from chronic strep throat and ear infections
  2.  Need expensive dental treatments
  3. Suffer from speech development or early learning issues

And more likely to:

  1. Attend, concentrate, and succeed in school
  2. Have healthy self-esteem

I’ve mentioned these 5 benefits as primary motivators to be proactive and encourage your child to keep up with their dental hygiene habits. ¬†As always,¬†Casa Smiles¬†is a fun and joyful place, but during the Holidays¬†it’s extra jolly!

Call us to make your appointment today, before¬†the holiday break and see what our office elves are up to! Give you family the best holiday treat by providing them with the best oral care. ¬†We can’t wait to hear if your little ones have been naughty or nice and help them send a special letter to the North Pole!


Thank you for tuning in on today’s Happy “Tooth-Day’s” report!

I look forward to chatting with you all next week!

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Your Friend,

Farah Flossit (Special Agent Flossit)