How to host a “Smarty-Tooth” Slumber Party!

Happy “Tooth-Day”!

Farah Flossit here, wishing you all a very beautiful day!

During this time of year, our kids have quite a few days off and often ask to plan some play-dates or even sleepovers. The number one item forgotten when going to a sleepover is a TOOTHBRUSH. So today I’d like to guide moms and dads to help host a fun and healthy gathering with oral hygiene in mind.

In preparation for this ultimate fun fest, my suggestion is to be prepared.  Making each one of your guests feel special and welcomed is half the battle.  Make sure to have a goodie bag ready to go for each one of your guests inclusive of a toothbrush, floss, healthy snacks, sticker, lip balm, and fun props! It might be a good idea to have your child find out favorite colors to personalize each bag.

We currently live in a digital age where one can expect for there to be lots of selfies taken.  This is where you step in to say that to take great pics, we need a clean and healthy smile.  Below are some Free printable that I came across that would be great for your special gathering:)


*Don’t forget click on the link to download all of the free printables*

As for keeping a healthy menu, one of the most popular sleepover foods is Pizza. Pizza is actually one of the easiest to make into a healthy choice-you can go with a whole grain option that has low-fat cheese. Popcorn and goldfish are also healthy snacks!

Other important tips include finding out about any food allergies and making sure your special guests are really ready to stay away from home for the night.  Have fun and safe activities planned to keep your overnight campers happy!

Thank you for tuning in on today’s Happy “Tooth-Day’s” report!

I look forward to chatting with you all next week!

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